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Piesta apple products

Good and better from Estonian apples

Piesta products

Piesta products currently include pure apple juice, spiced apple drink, shrub syrup, slowly fermented apple cider vinegar, award-winning apple stroop… and the work on new recipes is ongoing.

Apple juice

Piesta apple juice is made from apples of traditional Estonian varieties. Careful sorting of the fruit guarantees that juice pressed on the farm tastes like fresh apples, sweet and tangy at the same time.

The single ingredient of the juice is 100% organic Estonian apple, nothing else. Juice is pasteurized and keeps at room temperature. Piesta apple juice is available in glass bottles as well as in the convenient bag-in-box.

Kindly note that pure apple juice is highly nutritious, therefore we recommend to mix it with water when drinking to quench your thirst..

Spiced apple drink

Spiced apple drink is a wonderful drink at wintertime and a favourite at Christmas. It is intended to be warmed up prior to drinking and can be either diluted with water or fortified with rum (or other strong alcohol), subject to your taste and company.

Piesta spiced apple drink is made from apple juice to which we add a bit of water, unrefined sugar and a handful of warming spices (ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves).  It is pasteurized and keeps at room temperature.

Apple cider vinegar

Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar is made from organic apple juice, has been slowly fermented and has a smooth taste, content of vinegar acid measured at approx 2%.  Piesta apple cider vinegar can be used to improve your health or simply as an excellent ingredient in salad dressings.

Apple stroop

Piesta apple stroop was awarded 3 stars in the 2020 Great Taste awards.

Stroop means syrup in Dutch. The recipe for Piesta apple stroop originally comes from the Netherlands where it is traditionally eaten on pancakes. Honey-like apple stroop is great with cheese and can very well be used also in sauces and marinades.  

Apple shrub syrup with mint

Apple shrub syrup is made from Piesta apple juice with added sugar and it also includes a touch of mint grown in Southern Estonia. This natural syrup is excellent ingredient for homemade cocktails, be it a lemonade or an apple mojito.

Apple marmalade

Apple marmalase if great with cheese, especially the more mature kind.

It also compliments various meat dishes – try it with liver paté or duck.  Indeed you can also enjoy it on toast or with pancakes.

The main ingredients of Piesta apple marmalade are apple juice and apple sauce, with further notes of unrefined sugar, brandy, apple cider vinegar and thyme.

Apart directly from the farm, one can buy Piesta products from the following resellers in Estonia:

NOP café-shop in Kadriorg

Hansa Gurmee

Taluturg at shopping centre Lõunakeskus

Taluturg at shopping centre Pärnu Keskus


We really appreciate your feedback, do get in touch via e-mail kylli@kuusikaru.eu or tel +372 5089 589

"Many, many thanks for that special delicious apply syrup. It’s like no other"
"I need to order some more of your nice and good tasting products, not only for me but also for my mom and some friends."
"Wonderful home made apple juice is very tasty..."

B2B and professionals

We are happy to cooperate with cafés, restaurants, hotels and selected resellers.

Piesta apple products also make excellent gifts for your staff and/or customers. Special labels, adding your logo, gift packaging – everything is possible. We will also gladly put together unique gift baskets in cooperation with other local small producers.

Any thoughts or questions? Do get in touch via kylli@kuusikaru.eu or tel +372 5089 589 and let’s talk about it